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I practice and document projects with people in various communities, focusing on the portrait of each person as an "individual" and the portrait of a "group" when it comes together.
The way of archiving is various, such as painting, video, and installation.
The "events" that can only happen at that time, in that place, and with those people are like a documentary for the people involved, but also like a fantasy for the witnesses.It begins to take on a story when it is witnessed by others. And I hope that each of their stories will continue.


1982 大阪生まれ
2008 成安造形大学造形学部造形美術科構想表現クラス研究生修了

2023 渋川アートリラ2023(群馬・伊香保温泉)
2022 新潟映像祭(新潟・新潟市美術館)
2021 中之条ビエンナーレ国際芸術祭(群馬・中之条ガーデンズ)
2021 <個展> 836プロジェクト(新潟・新潟空港 / ウラジオストク・gallery "ARKA")
2020 新潟市芸術創造村・国際青少年センター AIR招聘プログラム 2020秋季(新潟・ゆいぽーと)
2020 Metro Ad Creative Award 2020 メトロアド賞
2019 中之条ビエンナーレ国際芸術祭(群馬・トラヤ)
2019 中之条ビエンナーレ国際芸術祭Prelude展(群馬・トラヤ)
2018 SICF19(東京・スパイラル)
2016 六本木アートナイト2016(東京・六本木)
2008 ACRYLAWARD2007 今井祝雄賞(東京・O美術館 / 大阪・ARTCOURTGallery / 札幌・大丸藤井)
2006-2007 <個展> 中津商店街看板娘プロジェクト(大阪・中津)
2007 石坂線文化祭 (滋賀・京阪電車石山坂本線・車体)
2005-2007 semba art walk(大阪・船場)

1982 Born in Osaka.
2003-2008 Seian University of Arts and Design.

2022 Niigata Film Festival ,Niigata City Art Museum,Niigata
2021 Nakanojo Biennale International Art Festival ,NAKANOJO GARDENS,Gunma
2021 Project : 836 ,NIIGATA AIRPORT,Niigata/Contemporary art gallery "ARKA",Vladivostok
2020 Artist-in-Residence "Invitation Program 2020 Autumn" ,YUI-PORT,Niigata
2020 Metro Ad Creative Award 2020 “Metro Ad Award”
2019 Nakanojo Biennale International Art Festival ,Toraya,Gunma
2019 Nakanojo Biennale International Art Festival "Prelude" ,Toraya,Gunma
2018 SICF19,Spiral ,Tokyo
2016 ROPPONGI ART NIGHT 2016 ,The area around Roppongi,Tokyo
2008 ACRYLAWARD2007 “Imai Norio Award”
2006-2007 Project : Nakatsu’s Salesgirls ,Nakatsu shopping arcade,Osaka
2007 Ishizaka Line Festival ,Train body,Shiga
2005-2007 semba art walk ,The area around semba,Osaka

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